YERO RICHARD // DiscovrTV Zurich Rooftop Session

Posted on 12/18/2020
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Yero Richard performs Lush N' Alive for DiscovrTV Zurich

Yero is born and raised in Finland. He began classical guitar at the age of 5. After completing the basic level of a Music Conservatory in his early teens he discovered blues and rock. He was amazed by talent of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Joe Perry, John Frusciante, Jimmy Page, and realised classical music wasn’t the world he was to wander about. He knew he needed to teach him self how to play electric guitar. He locked himself up in his room for a year to play and practice to their albums day and night. But then he found his love for singing in the chamber choir of Sibelius High School in Helsinki. After graduating high-school, he served his mandatory military service in the Finnish Defense Forces as a guitarist, singer and arranger. He was rewarded with a Lance Corporal rank value for his work as an arranger for the vocal section of the orchestra. In the military and learned of the power of surroundings, and was keen to experience life in a new environment, but only devoted to afro-american influenced music. During his military times he applied for Jazzcampus Basel, was accepted, and moved to Switzerland day after coming returning from military. He threw him self into the studies of jazz and the history of music, while now composing also pop and soul music. The second year in Basel he needed money to buy pedals, so he joined a songwriter competition Singer Songwriter Slam of Parterre Basel. Contestants were promised 50 chf for every original song they would get to perform. He won the first round and was invited to the Grand Master Slam, which he won as well. Now he begun playing frequently in Basel City, crafting his sound with his band and colleagues. After graduating with jazz-guitar he moved fully back to pop-music and begun master studies with music production. He wanted to be able to record, mix and master his own recordings. 2 and a half a year later, in 2019 he released his first and self-produced EP “Late Night”, featuring him on the voice, multiple instruments and the whole production. In Autumn 2020 he released 2 new self-produced singles: the souly earworm “Lush n’ Alive” and the floaty ballad “Our Ship”.

Lush n’ Alive

Our Ship

// DiscovrTV Zurich Rooftop Session //

Presenter: Luisa Gaugler

Camera: Moritz Schmid

Photography: Sebastian Clauss

Special Advisor: Paul Clauss

Producer: Christoph Soltmannowski //


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