On falling in love and poetry with Denisa and Simona Katzer

Written on 05/29/2020
Julian Von Plato

Marie : Denisa, how did you start out as an artist - how and when did it begin?


Denisa: We founded the band on elementary school when we were 14 with our two best friends. We played with them at school events but we eventually stopped playing with them because they didn't have any work ethic ( I call this a child labor and I was the toughest boss at 14).

Marie: Tell me more about the new single - the recording process, who produced/engineered it and if they have any other successes? 


Simona: So the new single was released on 20th January, just a few days ago. We did a pre-release for super fans and the feedback was very good.

Denisa: It's called ‘Black Sea’ and it's basically a dialogue between my heart and brain when falling in love. It's gonna be on a new album "Parallel Lines" that we're releasing on March 30th and I produce the whole album.  We worked on it with Adam Pakosta, an incredibly talented musician and a sound engineer.

Marie:  What is the single inspired by? What is the story behind it? 


Denisa: As I said it's about how I overthink and analyse every little thing and try to stay awake even though I want to fall in love.

Marie:  Tell me a little more about the writing process. Is it stream of consciousness type writing or more planned and thought out? Is there an underlining theme in your music? 


Denisa: I usually start writing something and don't finish it so I come back to it and maybe even change some things so sometimes the process can be very long. For instance it was like this with Black Sea. I feel like the lyrics for it are my most poetic lyrics I've ever written and I put my heart and lot of time in it so that the lyrics are really authentic and "poem like”.

Marie: Where was the new release written?  How does place and time influence you and your writing process?


Denisa: I wrote it in my bed when I was sick and laying all day in bed I didn't have many things to do but lot of things to think about.


Marie:  Were you listening or watching anything in particular quite a bit during the recording and writing process? 


Denisa: I don't think so.


Marie: Do you think there is a perfect time and place to listen to the single, does it lend itself to a particular listening experience?


Simona: Night can be a very beautiful time to listen to this song. Because it gives you a vulnerable, quiet, mysterious vibe.

Marie: If you could hope that your music inspires someone to do something, what would that be?


Simona: To do something brave, something they never thought they could do.


Marie: Tell me more about your musical influences? Are you hoping to achieve a certain sound or theme on your new release? 


Denisa: From early on we've been influenced by many artists mostly folk/pop/rock such as Alanis Morissette,  Simon & Garfunkel,  Ozzy Osbourne, Pink Floyd and later on we started to fall in love with mainstream pop such as Beyonce,  Pink or Alicia Keys so when we write we mix all these genres together. The new album is an acoustic one so it's more Simon & Garfunkel kind of a vibe but on the songs with the full band I think we go for pop rock feel like Pink or Alicia Keys.


Marie:  Tell me more about you and your successes as an artist? 

Simona: We like to say we're a band of underdogs 'cause there has been some very good things happening to us like : almost signing a contract with Universal, almost made it into Eurovision contest and things like this  But apart of this we managed to have some full successes as well like opening for Emma Smetana , Tata bojs, Lake Malawi, going on tour with Mandrage,  singing for national TV channels and so on.


Marie: What are your hobbies/interests outside of music? Anything else I should know about you?


Both: Well we try to focus mainly on music so we don't have much time outside of it. But we try to focus on self education, doing yoga and so on.