Penelope Athena is our tip for after you watched a horror movie. It's just who she is ..

Written on 05/29/2020
Julian Von Plato

Marie: Tell me more about how did you start out as an artist - how and when did it begin?

Penelope: I started playing the trumpet when I was 10 years and then I learned to play drums on my own. Later I started singing just for myself, I didn’t know that I really have talent until others heard me sing. Then I produced my first single ‘Run Away’ and from time to time more songs.

Marie: Tell me more about the new single - the recording process, who produced/engineered it and if they have any other successes? 

Penelope: I recorded ‘Nightmare’ at my home studio and produced it on my own. I also write the lyrics, it’s a little phantasy story.

Marie: What is the single inspired by? How does your inspiration affect your writing process?

Penelope: I wanted to do something else, something non 0815. I really don’t know how I write my songs. Sometimes I just need a piece of paper and a pen and the rest comes automatically.

Marie: How does place and time influence you and your writing process?

Penelope: It happens mostly when I’m driving, I get crazy ideas, or when I have to sleep and a new idea starts burning in my head. That’s so stupid because then I can’t sleep anymore and I have to write my story on the paper.

Marie: Do you think there is a perfect time and place to listen to the single, does it lend itself to a particular listening experience?

Penelope: Yes, after you watched a horror film, or better if I get the chance to put the song in a horror film.

Penelope: Yes, after you watched a horror film, or better if I get the chance to put the song in a horror film.

Marie: If you could hope that your music inspires someone to do something, what would that be?

Penelope: To accept who you are and accept other people in the world.

Marie: Tell me more about you and your successes as an artist? 

Penelope: I had a lot of good moments on stage, that is what I’m living for, doing music for people who like my songs.

Marie: What are your hobbies/interests outside of music? Anything else I should know about you?

Penelope: I like doing things which bring me adrenalin but aren’t dangerous. My hobbies beside singing and playing drums is cruising with my car with music out loud.
Singer, Producer, Drummer, Living in Zurich.

Penelope Athena is a Swiss singer and songwriter who writes and produces her songs on her own. Besides her musical activities, she also works as a model and plays in various bands as a drummer. Her versatility and charisma attract many fans and show that she is an absolute multitalent.

All photos in this article by Sebastian Claus 


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