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Kobus Kotze on 03/17/2020

Marike Kotze : Songs from the city, songs from the heart.

Marike Kotze is a performing musician in Hanoi. She talked to us about her music, influences and creative writing process. Marike is currently in the process of recording and EP. She is also releasing a music video for the attached song. As an active member of the Hanoi music scene she looks forward to grow more as an artist. As an indie musician Marike is hard working and is currently in the process of rebranding her online presence to go with her above mentioned album release and music video. We are looking forward to it and will for sure share all of this with you.

K Kobus Kotze
Julian Von Plato on 06/09/2020

Your ultimate playlist

We have created a great new playlist on YouTube as well of our NEW MUSIC MONDAY’s show featuring great new artists from SA and the UK. Each Monday at 7pm LIVE we feature great new talent and interview them on new music mondays live on DiscovrTV. Hosted by Martin from DiscovrTV London and Julian from DiscovrTV SA

J Julian Von Plato
Julian Von Plato on 05/29/2020

Opening our hearts to get to the music of Nicole Johänntgen

Nicole Johänntgen is an artist of exceptional talent and energy that flow so effortlessly and genuinely when she plays, she transcends jazz and reaches all hearts within range of hearing her music. Born 1981 in Fischbach, Southern Germany, she has turned her skills on the saxophone into such passion that it is hard to list all her impressive achievements without asking more about the source of her creativity.

J Julian Von Plato
Julian Von Plato on 05/29/2020

Werner Bekker on changes, in music and in life

DTV: Hello Werner, following up your performance on DiscovrTV South Africa, I wanted to ask you some more about you as an artist, how did it all begin?

J Julian Von Plato
Julian Von Plato on 05/29/2020

SiNGLE REVIEW - Joel Stewart's Back Up Team

It is impossible to not view the title and messaging of this single within the context of the strange times we are currently experiencing world-wide. We all feel a little confused and lost and we all need our friends and people that care for us around us. This is what makes us feel safe, this is what makes us feel as part of a bigger story. To review this track only within this context would be unfair though. It is definitely more timeless than that. It is definitely more layered than that.

J Julian Von Plato
Julian Von Plato on 05/29/2020

SINGLE REVIEW - Logan's magic trick of a song

Logan J Parker’s new single, We’ll be gone works like a good magic trick. When one listens to it the first time it hooks you. It hooks you because it possesses all the beautiful qualities that we associate with the more traditional female crooners. Ricky Lee Jones, a little bit Billie Holiday and Diana Krall comes to mind. I am not a big fan of comparisons in music though, it seems like too easy a route to go down when listening to a musician as unique as Logan. She is definitely and deliberately carving her own path.

J Julian Von Plato
Julian Von Plato on 05/29/2020

SINGLE REVIEW - Daniel Lumley's Bittersweet remedy

The introduction puts the listener in the universe that the single lives in and makes us feel comfortable to undertake this journey with Daniel. Its melancholic feel suggest a certain distance between all people and as the songs progresses it becomes clear that even the bittersweet can be a cure and reminder of our humanity. This dualism also exists in the moments in the song where his voice makes way for nice little interludes.

J Julian Von Plato
Ian Campbell on 04/19/2020

Ian Campbell from Hanoi: Looping is the new cool

What’s the basic concept? Push a button to start recording, then push it again to immediately start playing it back on a loop. Depending on the equipment more layers and effects can be added. From a little stomp box on the ground to multi-channel production stations, looping has become a crucial part of a many musician’s toolboxes. Several artists in the Hanoi music community, including myself, are using looping to expand their sound and create whole, layered soundscapes, needing only one or two musicians on stage. It of course also creates a bunch of new sounds for the ear to explore.

I Ian Campbell
Kobus Kotze & Marie De La Montagne on 04/06/2020

HomeConcerts, the start of a new world and we feel fine

It’s the start of the world as we know it and we feel relatively fine. Logan J Parker on DiscovrTV live from London. Photo Piers Murray Hill

K Kobus Kotze & Marie De La Montagne