Marie De La Montagne on 02/19/2020

Opening our heart to get deep into the music of Nicole Johänntgen

Nicole Johänntgen is an artist of exceptional talent and energy that flow so effortlessly and genuinely when she plays, she transcends jazz and reaches all hearts within range of hearing her music. Born 1981 in Fischbach, Southern Germany, she has turned her skills on the saxophone into such passion that it is hard to list all her impressive achievements without asking more about the source of her creativity.

M Marie De La Montagne
Kobus Kotze on 02/07/2020

"I'll pretend that happiness is getting closer" says Mac Mai Suong

"I'll pretend that happiness is getting closer" says Mac Mai Suong Recently, DiscovrTV recorded the singer songwriter Mac Mai Suong in Hanoi, Vietnam. We asked her a few questions about her passion for music, her songwriting process and the song she performed. We hope you like it!

K Kobus Kotze
Marie De La Montagne on 02/06/2020

Fasten your seatbelt. It is quite a ride to listen to King Zebra!

Mainly we were taking an honest look around at who and where we are in this day and age and how that effects our fans, friends and family through the music. Reality is key and if you jump on a trend you are either in the middle or the end but never the beginning. Marie: How did King Zebra start out - how and when did it begin?

M Marie De La Montagne
Kobus Kotze on 02/04/2020

Emma Exton's Soulful Jazzy Folk Stuff. That’s a genre yes?

I think music constantly changes and develops as we expose ourselves to more ideas and the world, but for the time being - let’s call it the above. Soulful Jazzy Folk Stuff. That’s a genre yes? Emma Exton is a 23-year-old musician. She performs extensively across Hanoi and Vietnam. Emma is known for her sensitive yet technical approach to songwriting and performing. Watching Emma play live is nice, it takes you to landscapes that feel open to interpretation. Her music is a well-crafted fusion between more modern and some of the more nostalgic song writing masters. I guess that being the reason why one could describe it as timeless. We met Emma at a local coffee shop and asked her a few questions.

K Kobus Kotze
Marie De La Montagne on 01/31/2020

Elliot Porter's blossoming love affair under the Lights of Picadilly

With this song, the writing process was a bit different from my usual way of doing things. I am usually a stream of consciousness writer, but with this one I was with a collaborator and we were trying a different writing exercise.

M Marie De La Montagne
Kobus Kotze on 01/22/2020

Hanoi is not blowing in the wind, it’s knocking on heaven’s door

Hanoi is not blowing in the wind, it’s knocking on heaven’s door. Hanoi, Vietnam. What does that make you think about? I guess it depends on where you are from. The first thing that probably comes to mind is the heavily publicized Vietnam war, or as it is called here, The American War.

K Kobus Kotze
Kobus Kotze on 01/20/2020

While we still have roads left, TOVA walk a road less taken

"The DIY musician has more tools at their fingertips than ever before, and that's really exciting. The energy from performing live provides a lot of clarity, and leads us to ideas that we won't have had otherwise." Hanoi, Vietnam seems like a strange place for a very active, growing and creative music scene. Or does it? Hanoi, in many ways is a multi-cultural city with people all over the world. It boasts some amazing live music venues and several bands consist of people from just as many countries as band members. This of course suggests a wide variety of music styles, stories and type of artists, some of them more unique than other. TOVA qualifies as the latter and they have a good story to tell. One that almost feels like a coming-of-age movie at times and one that keeps evolving, very much like their does.

K Kobus Kotze
Marie De La Montagne on 01/19/2020

Meet Noemi Bossart, our DiscovrTV Zurich host!

When we have shooting days I am always very excited. The days are very tough but it gives me so much positive energy because I always feel the thankfulness from the artists and that they enjoy our format so much which gives me a good feeling as well. It gives me a lot of confidence staying in front of the camera and I guess I grew as a person as well while doing the hosting.

M Marie De La Montagne
Marie De La Montagne on 01/19/2020

Meet Giulia Milesi, our DiscovrTV Zurich host!

DiscovrTV taught me a lot. I did not only have the chance to meet talented and inspiring people from all over the world, but as well, I recognised how much I love music and moderating.

M Marie De La Montagne
Marie De La Montagne on 01/19/2020

Meet Kerry-Anne Allerston, our DiscovrTV South Africa host!

I’ve been involved in the music industry for the past 19 years and was really excited to create content and shoot interviews and artist performances in awesome locations and in turn create a platform for the incredible artists that surround us as well as creating a space where the public and fellow music lovers can access new music, follow some of their favourites and see what happens backstage, in recording studios etc!

M Marie De La Montagne
Julian Von Plato on 01/09/2020

Abbey Road Institute South Africa visit

DiscovrTV South Africa recently were invited to the about to be launched Abbey Road Institute in Johannesburg South Africa. What is Abbey Road Institute you might ask well check out the interview below as we chat to owner and MD Johan van Der Colff. Johan tells us about bring Abbey Road Institute to South Africa and why he did it and what his ambitions are for the institute as it heads into its first year.

J Julian Von Plato
Marie De La Montagne on 12/11/2019

The evening star song by Bechy & Fee (CZ)

Interview with Katerina Becherova Marie: Kateřina, how did you start out as an artist and how did Bechy & Fee come around?

M Marie De La Montagne