SKYLEND – LULLABY // DiscovrTV Zurich Rooftop Session

SKYLEND – LULLABY // DiscovrTV Zurich Rooftop Session

Posted on 12/19/2019

Skylend is the story of artists who do not fit the norms. A surprising and atypical mix of indie pop and poetry.

In the cold and shy city of Geneva, despite its cosmopolitan and international particularity, Skylend has the desire to save a part of the authenticity that made the greatest hours of its city’s alternative culture. In Geneva, Skylend goes through the well known “Les Recyclables” bookstore, “Urgence Disk”, the emerging artists scene of “L’Abri” and many more. His first EP has not been released yet but his music Lullaby is played on the national radio (RTS) and the lyrics of OPEN SKIES passes on the waves of some TV Channel such as ROUGE TV.

Skylend wishes to offer a literary and musical experience to those interested in philosophical exaltations as much as a unique musical encounter to a simple music lover. However, its singularity gives rise to all forms of curiosity.

Liàna : Vocal (Violin)
Lancelot : Cello
David : DJ Set (Back Vocal)



Host: Giulia Milesi

Camera: Moritz Schmid |

Still Photography: Sebastian Clauss

Producer: Christoph Soltmannowski | Soltmannowski Kommunikation GmbH |


MFO Denk & Werkstatt Zürich |

Création Mikula Zürich |

Songcircle |

Exclusive Production Partner:
Schweizerische Text Akademie |