Rival Empire | (English interview version)

Rival Empire - To The Lovers| English interview version

Posted on 07/31/2019

Rival Empire performing their song TO THE LOVERS for DiscovrTV Zurich. RIVAL EMPIRE hits you with straightforward lyrics instead of worthless capsules. A dedicated troupe, determined and hungry to present their sound. Individually they are all different, but as a group they are acting in concert. The vision of RIVAL EMPIRE came about based on this idea: cooperation despite all differences. Firm in their decisions, they present their rebellious and passionate sound on stage, spreading the message of being strong together. Ever since Reto Wohlgensinger (Vocals, Guitar), Jan Müller (Bass), Kenny Rüegg (Drums) and Luciano Dalla Torre (Lead guitar) first came together, they have been persistently polishing their songs. RIVAL EMPIRE stands for bluesy rock without frills. The four guys equally know how to handle softer notes and have a feel for addictive melodies and profound texts in the pop universe. The four allies have been playing together for years. They used to be on the road with NICETRY – but RIVAL EMPIRE’s upcoming first album is way more than a nice try. Determined to take the next step, the musicians‘ lifestyle is setting an example of a rival empire: Living the moment, on or off stage, is what always comes first. To get the crowd carried away by the music, while vigorously spreading their message, is probably their most important mission. This leaves no space for gabbing or for continuously taking pictures. Let yourself be captivated by RIVAL EMPIRE’s mere and endless desire to get started. „I want to see the world“, is what their lead singer proclaims in the track „Crush“, a representative for their common willingness to show everyone what they are capable of. The band recorded its first album with producer Cyrill Camenzind (Lucky Tiger Records) at Powerplay Studios in Maur (CH). In Nashville (US) and Hamburg (GE), they wrote their songs, worked on their style and finally came back with their heads full of new ideas. You can feel this inspiration when watching the upcoming music video, which was also created in the northern German city. A smart retreat, which will be followed by great deeds.


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Host: Giulia Milesi

Camera: Moritz Schmid | http://moele.ch/

Still Photography: Sebastian Clauss

Producer: Christoph Soltmannowski | Soltmannowski Kommunikation GmbH | http://www.solt.ch

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