Edwardian Devils - Damned to Teddy Boy

Posted on 07/31/2019

Edwardian Devils perform DAMNED TO TEDDY BOY

Back in the 90ies a crew called THE KING EDWARD TEDS inspired a generation of Austrian Teddyboy-Rock’n’Roll-Fans. The gang was fully into the classic Teddyboy-sound and -style of the late seventies and managed to be one of the first Austrian Rock’n’Roll-bands to play on international scene-festivals and release a few records on the german cult-label King Ed / Castle Records. The band broke up, but vocalist, guitarist and songwriter KING D established the follower EDWARDIAN DEVILS – a trio that brings you true and classical Teddyboy-Rock’n’Roll – self penned and covered from their idols, like Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly or Roy Orbison. EDWARDIAN DEVILS are Mario David, Thomas Schwarzendorfer and Tom Lorenz Supported by Albertina Museum! Thanks for this great new view. Sound recording: René Merighi Thanks to Walter Till for sound mastering. Hosted by Ena-Helena Ever.