SalaS - I Only Know One Thing // DiscovrTV Hanoi

SalaS - I Only Know One Thing // DiscovrTV Hanoi

Posted on 02/24/2020

“SalaS is not just a performer, but a composer, music project manager and producer. Collaborations have been an increasingly prominent aspect of SalaS with other musicians in Chile, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

 His adept skill in this comes from roots in South American culture, along with alluring rhythms and melodies of folklore from his home region that initially inspired his music.  SalaS has been blending these undeniable influences with jazz fusion, beats, world music and certain electronic music elements. He finds it creates the ability to vary his performance presence and overall atmosphere by employing there ever evolving vibes.

He brings to the stage a desire to explore textures and structures that are fresh sounds for his audience. In particular this comes from an ability to contrast energetic tangents with calming musical landscapes."

Name of the song: "I Only Know One Thing"

Musicians :

SalaS - Electric Guitar / Lead Voice
Sebastian Berruz - Tenor Saxophone
Emma Exton - Violin 
Glen Vokes - Electric Bass
Drums - Jeffy Ceresnie


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