Ayush - Barefoot dancer // DiscovrTV Hanoi

Ayush - Barefoot dancer // DiscovrTV Hanoi

Posted on 01/06/2020

Ayush Shrestha has been regularly captivating audiences as a singer songwriter since 2010. His music demonstrates a range of shades and temperaments. The sound boils down to acoustic simplicity, which draws influences from an eclectic range of genres from blues, rock, pop, folk, to classic ballads.

His songs are inspired by his own conscious and sub-conscious exposure to day to day stimuli. He had started writing in Nepali, his mother tongue, and then started to write more in English after moving to Mumbai to pursue music seriously.

Ayush expresses all this in a passionate yet smoothly controlled vocal rendition, sometimes surprising the audience by little funny things he does with his voice. He takes liberty of having minimalistic music to freely alter the tempo and temperament of his music during live performances.

Recently, the crowds at major music festivals in India have loved his performance, including his festival debut in the NH7 Weekender 2011, then York Live 2012 and Sulafest 2012.

He regularly does early sets and singer songwriter sets at blueFROG, and many other venues.

In October 2014, he moved to Hanoi where he hosts a weekly original live music event called Tiny Music Club.

Artist: Ayush
Song: Barefoot Dancer
Presenter: Marina Briggs
Producer: Kobus Kotze
Camera: Gaz Weir
Sound: Tabitha Perez & Ian Campbell
Photographer: Victoria Siwik