What is DiscovrTV

DiscovrTV is your window to the world of music through the eyes of our producers in the cities they live in.

DiscovrTV is an international network of production teams, bookers and promoters in various cities around the globe. Main purpose of this platform is to showcase independent artists, creating video sessions, behind-the-scenes, in-depth interviews, podcasts, documentaries or filmed shows, thus giving viewers the chance to discover new music, new places, and become a stage where artists can develop their music globally. 

The world-wide DiscovrTV producers were originally all part of the highly successful BalconyTV and have now branched out on their own to create a new music platform, made up of video content, artist network, and services such as music consulting, bookings, PR and distribution services reaching the UK, Europe, South Africa, North and South America and Asia. 

DiscovrTV was founded by former BalconyTV producers Julian von Plato (South Africa), Marie Zhorova (London, Prague, Chamonix) and Christoph Soltmannowski (Zurich). 

Other participating cities are Hanoi (Kobus Kotze), Vienna (Ena-Helena Ever), MontrĂ©al (Nathalie Michaux), Sao Paulo (Vera Avds) and Miami (Byron Lutz, Studio Road TV). 
The new network is still growing.